Update 13th February 2019

While things might seem to be all quiet, there has been a lot of work going on in the background to get the Parish Council’s response to the latest Regulation 25 request for information. More on that in a minute.

You’ll recall that there are 2 strands to the Quarry plans at the moment – the re-working of the Minerals Local Plan and a separate planning application. The latest news we have from Notts CC is that the comments submitted for the Minerals Local Plan are still being counted and collated, with an expected publication of a draft in “Early 2019” which would be expected to go to Public Inquiry later in the year. We will announce any updates or news on this in due course.

The planning application is where the recent bulk of activity has been directed. Julian, Roy and others have produced another lengthy document rebuffing and countering claims made by the developers in response to the Council’s Section 25 request for information. This document goes into great detail and again points out some of the incomplete, inaccurate and misleading that the applicants have submitted. In some sections, this is the 3rd time that errors have been noted and corrected. The Applicants keep repeating the same mis-information – but that does not make it any truer.

It is expected that the application will go before the Planning Committee on 23rd April. As this date draws closer we will coalesce a group of representatives to attend the meeting and try to lobby to get the application rejected.

Consultation Closed

Thanks to everyone who submitted a comment to the consultation. We don’t have a total count from the council at this stage.

There will be an update meeting tonight (3rd October) in Barton Village Hall at 8pm – everyone welcome to hear the latest progress reports and next steps from Julian. There is also some beer & cider left from the beer festival last weekend – I understand beer is being sold cheaply at £2 per pint to clear!

Update meeting tonight!

There will be an informal update meeting about the progress so far – Wednesday 19th September – 8pm in Barton Village Hall.

Julian says “Please invite anybody you know who might be interested and willing to help. Please don’t hesitate to put forward any suggestions at the meeting – great work done already. The bar will be open!”

Most importantly, don’t forget to write to the counciltemplate letter here – you only have about a week left to get letters in. Notts CC website contains all the details of the plan here including a box to let you register/log in to send electronic comments.

Report after the Open Meeting on 5th September 2018

Thanks to everyone who attended the open meeting this evening in Barton Village Hall. Julian brought everyone up to date with the process so far (it has been more than 4 years already!), and outlined the present situation and next steps.

His powerpoint slides can be seen here (pdf file)

In a nutshell, the original Minerals Plan has been thrown away by Notts CC, and they have started the process of drafting the plan again from scratch – they have now got to the Consultation stage. This means that any comments submitted as part of the previous process have been “discarded” by the council, and if you wish to make representations again about the inclusion of the Barton site, you need to write again to the council. As most of the arguments against the inclusion of the Barton site still stand (and are possibly stronger now), a quick copy-and-paste rehash of your original letter would be a good starting point.

Barton Parish Council have produced this guidance document with some suggestions that you might like to include in a letter, and they have also produced a template letter you could use – just add your name, address and postcode and sign it – add a personal comment too if you wish.

Notts CC are holding an exhibition on the Minerals Plan – Clifton Library tomorrow (6th Sept) and in Barton village Hall on 14th September – about 4pm to 6.30pm – so if you can make it, do please try and look in on the plans and discuss them with the council representatives.

The Fight is Back On!

The latest draft of the revised mineral plan has been published, and despite the fact that the Council’s own figures show the Barton site to be the most damaging to the landscape and environment BY FAR, the Barton site is back in the plan.

You are invited to a public meeting on Wednesday 5th September 2018 at 7pm in Barton Village Hall to hear the latest details and action plan.

Even if you think that you won’t be affected much by this site, bear in mind that it is far easier for a site to be extended in the future, rather than introduce a new site. The whole area around the Village and between Barton & Thrumpton is at threat.

Consultation Closed

At the time of writing, the total on the Council’s Website for “Neighbour Comments” is 504. A fantastic response! I think that the written letters have yet to be included in that total, so that is probably only online comments counted at this stage.

** THANK YOU ** to everyone who submitted a response. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find out the total number of submissions in due course. The next round of action is likely to be to lobby the councillors before their meeting to decide on this application – expected to be during December; but watch out for updates nearer the time!

There will be an informal update meeting tonight at 8pm in Barton Village Hall – bar open as usual on a Wednesday.

Last day for Comments!

Just a quick reminder – if you have not made a comment on this planning application yet and wish to make one, it must be lodged with the Council today.

Comment online HERE

or by email to Development.management@nottscc.gov.uk

Remember, you must include your name, address & postcode and the phrase “OBJECT to site ES/3712 Proposed sand and gravel quarry – land off Green Street / Barton in Fabis”

some pointers for ideas you can use for your objection can be read here

If you have already commented – Thank You!

The Parish Council will be hosting an update meeting in Barton Village Hall at 8pm on Wednesday 11th October

Copy of ITV coverage

It has been brought to my attention that some people are getting a “Content not Available” message from the ITV site when trying to view yesterday’s piece in the evening news bulletin.

I’ve taken a copy from their site and converted it to a mp4 video – hopefully this will work as an alternative.
ITV News Pacakage – 04/10/2017

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