Last few days…

Just a reminder – the consultation responses have to be with Notts County Council this week!

The Parish Council has been sent some clarification by NCC about how they acknowledge the responses they receive. If you use NCC’s on-line website form, you should get a more-or-less immediate confirmation that your response has been accepted. If you email or post a response, then NCC say that they will send acknowledgements once they have manually processed your comments form – they have to copy the comments into their database first.  This is a simple copy and paste for email but manual typing for postal responses, so it does take some time (and I think they might have a bit of a backlog at the moment….)

Clearly, it is important that you make sure you get an official acknowledgement from the Country Council within a week or two after the end of consultation (11th July). If you do not receive this then please contact Stephen Osbourne James on 01159772109. You are strongly advised to keep a copy of your response as evidence – at least until you have been acknowledged! You can check the Barton responses HERE to see if your response has been processed yet.

I have also been sent a link to a YouTube video – a heartfelt plea against the quarry from an independent film-maker (known as Stiggy220 on YouTube) – you can see a copy HERE or all of Stiggy220’s films On YouTube (external site – enter at your own risk!)

The campaign has also had coverage in “The Beestonian” – thanks are due to Tamar for coming over and writing the detailed and in-depth story to alert “The Other Side of the Trent”!

Finally for today’s post: if you have sent a response in – THANK YOU for your time and effort!  IF you haven’t: don’t delay, do it today!