Consultation Period Ends Tomorrow

Well, that’s more or less the end of the consultation period! Any last minute responses will have to hand delivered in the morning – Bill is planning a final trip to gather up any last minute forms and get them to NCC tomorrow. If you have written a form and not posted it yet , please drop it in to any of the Parish Councillors in Barton, Gotham Spar Shop or the Barton Green newsagent (just near the Crusader Pub).

Just a couple of media links too – these are a bit last minute, but given the requirements of copy deadlines and so on, and the short notice given by NCC, it is great that so much interest across all the media has been generated – thanks to the publications for their time and interest.

The July Notts In Focus has run the story on it’s front page – see HERE

The Clifton Local News has also put the story on page 2, read it HERE

Thanks to everyone who came to the upbeat final “SAVE” meeting last night in the village hall, what has been achieved in just 8 short weeks is truly staggering. If you were not able to get to the village hall last night, but have been involved in anyway, know that there was much applauding for everyone’s individual and collective efforts.

We understand that the Council have a backlog of approximately 300 responses to process – and there were around 460 new ones collated at the meeting. The Council team are going to be busy for a while!

If you responded then on behalf of Barton Parish Council and the SAVE committee,
——– T H A N K Y O U ———