A quick update 17th July – And a BBQ!

So that’s it. The consultation is now closed for new submissions. Do please keep checking if your response has been processed by the council – there are 2 separate pages on the Notts County Council website where responses are being published. See Here and Here (presumably there are 2 different pages “for our convenience”!) At the time of me writing this, there are just short of 300 responses showing – so knowing the size of the pile of papers that went to them last week, they still have a huge backlog to get through!

At the meeting last night, Julian explained his understanding of what happens next….. It is expected that the council officers will finalise the plan, having taken the objections into account, and put it before the Environment & Sustainability Committee on October 9th (this is possibly subject to change) leading to an examination in public maybe around May 2015 before formal adoption. At the moment there isn’t much that anyone can do except wait. The Parish Council have taken some ideas for investigation over the next few weeks – I’ll post any news here.

Finally for today – there will be a meeting next Wednesday (23rd July) at 7.30pm in Barton Village Hall to give everyone an update.
To say “Thank You” for all the help and support, the Parish Council are going to lay on a free BBQ (first come, first serve – when it’s gone, it’s gone). The bar will be open as usual on a Wednesday.

See you then!