Very Urgent and Important News!

Well, after a quiet year as the Nottingham Minerals plan went through various stages of Local Government, a curve ball has been pitched by the Barton Site owners and their partners & representatives.

If you are a Barton resident, you will probably have seen the letter from London Rock which was delivered last week, outlining their plans for the new sand & gravel operation at “Mill Hill Quarry”. If you haven’t seen it, you can download a copy of the covering letter here, and the accompanying plans here. This is in advance of the publication of the final Local Minerals Plan, which is due a public inquiry soon.

It is assumed that London Rock and the Site Owners are either going to challenge Barton’s exclusion from the plan at the Inquiry, and/or submit a separate planning application before the allocations in the Minerals Plan are finally legally adopted.

The new proposal is for a larger land grab than the original Minerals Local Plan suggested – possibly proof already that the origianal site was intended to be a “toe-in-the-door” to a much larger operation in future years?

Barton-in-Fabis Parish Council have written a response Newsletter which has been distributed around the village, if you have not seen it, then it can be downloaded here.

London Rock are holding 2 public consultation exhibitions, the first is on Thursday 16th March at Barton Village Hall, the second is Wednesday 22nd March at Clifton Village Hall. Both venues are scheduled to be open between 3pm and 7.30pm. If you can, please PLEASE get along to one or the other events, as it would be a shame to let the developers think that the huge public opposition to quarrying at Barton that was originally demonstrated may have lessened with the passing of time.

Hope to see you at one of the meetings!