Important Update!

May 2017
So, now that the Conservatives have overall control of NottsCC following the recent local elections, they have torn up the Minerals Plan – just before it was due to go to a Government Inspector for final approval.

The implications of this council decision are wide ranging. The Minerals Plan was not only concerned with Sand & gravel provision, but all mineral extraction in the county – eg Coal, Gypsum, Shale Gas (fracking) – is now completely without guidance or co-ordination.

Barton Parish Council is now very concerned that with no policy in place, the way is open for speculative planning applications for a quarry more-or-less as proposed and rejected from the minerals plan as the 3rd most environmentally damaging proposal that went into the now defunct plan.

It isn’t clear yet what the future process is going to be; probably back to square one for the county, as it has to have a local plan to comply with government requirements.

Watch this space!