Update 22nd September 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting in the village hall last night. It was gratifying to see so many people with only short notice given.

Julian gave an excellent presentation of what has happened since the Minerals Plan comments were made, what is happening right now and what the short term aims are.

In brief: The 1000+ comments made to the Local Minerals Plan worked – the Mill Hill / Barton site was removed from the draft plan. Just as Notts CC were ready to submit the draft plan to the government inspectors, the local elections last May returned overall control of the Council back to the Conservative group. One of their first actions was to tear up the mineral plan and ask the Council Officers to re-assess the mineral requirements for the county. In effect, starting again from scratch on the local plan.

In the meantime, before demand has been properly assessed and agreed, The Owners of the land at Mill Hill/Barton, together with the operators and their agents have submitted a planning application for an enlarged quarry operation at the site (which had been rejected from the old mineral plan). As the new quotas should be published soon, this does feel a bit as though the Owners/Operators are trying to side-step the democratic process.

This stand-alone planning application is now open for public comment – note that:

    All comments submitted previously to the Minerals Local Plan have been “thrown away” when the Council tore up the draft plan. Therefore, a new comment must be submitted if you want your views to be taken into account.

Also, the new application has enlarged the proposed quarry site, and it now includes a tract of land that is within the City Council boundary. As predicted a few years ago, any quarry in this location will only be the start of extraction across a much wider area of land. Nip it in the bud!

Now for some resource links from the meeting:

Notts CC planning website page with all the documents relating to the application.

Site location map showing the quarry extents.

the laminated notices produced by Julian & Harriet which are to be put up around the local area. Do please print a copy or two and show them around. Anyone can comment!

Barton Parish Council’s more detailed explanation and points against the quarry to use as ideas to write an objection.

Template letter for Notts County Council in PDF or ODT format

(when we know to whom it should be sent, a City Council letter template will be available too)

It is best if you write your own letter in your own words. If you choose to do this, you must include your name, address & postcode, and include the text “OBJECT to site ES/3712 Proposed sand and gravel quarry – land off Green Street / Barton in Fabis”

However, if you prefer, then do use the template. You must put your full name & address, including postcode onto the template & sign it.

Send your completed letter to the address on the template, or email to Development.management@nottscc.gov.uk, or return to one of the Parish Councillors or a local collection point.

Or, you can comment online here – note that the comments box only allows 2000 characters.

Comments must be with the planning department by 9th October – so don’t delay. Write today!

There will be an update meeting on Wednesday 27th, 8pm, in Barton Village Hall (bar will be open!)