Report after the Open Meeting on 5th September 2018

Thanks to everyone who attended the open meeting this evening in Barton Village Hall. Julian brought everyone up to date with the process so far (it has been more than 4 years already!), and outlined the present situation and next steps.

His powerpoint slides can be seen here (pdf file)

In a nutshell, the original Minerals Plan has been thrown away by Notts CC, and they have started the process of drafting the plan again from scratch – they have now got to the Consultation stage. This means that any comments submitted as part of the previous process have been “discarded” by the council, and if you wish to make representations again about the inclusion of the Barton site, you need to write again to the council. As most of the arguments against the inclusion of the Barton site still stand (and are possibly stronger now), a quick copy-and-paste rehash of your original letter would be a good starting point.

Barton Parish Council have produced this guidance document with some suggestions that you might like to include in a letter, and they have also produced a template letter you could use – just add your name, address and postcode and sign it – add a personal comment too if you wish.

Notts CC are holding an exhibition on the Minerals Plan – Clifton Library tomorrow (6th Sept) and in Barton village Hall on 14th September – about 4pm to 6.30pm – so if you can make it, do please try and look in on the plans and discuss them with the council representatives.