Update 13th February 2019

While things might seem to be all quiet, there has been a lot of work going on in the background to get the Parish Council’s response to the latest Regulation 25 request for information. More on that in a minute.

You’ll recall that there are 2 strands to the Quarry plans at the moment – the re-working of the Minerals Local Plan and a separate planning application. The latest news we have from Notts CC is that the comments submitted for the Minerals Local Plan are still being counted and collated, with an expected publication of a draft in “Early 2019” which would be expected to go to Public Inquiry later in the year. We will announce any updates or news on this in due course.

The planning application is where the recent bulk of activity has been directed. Julian, Roy and others have produced another lengthy document rebuffing and countering claims made by the developers in response to the Council’s Section 25 request for information. This document goes into great detail and again points out some of the incomplete, inaccurate and misleading that the applicants have submitted. In some sections, this is the 3rd time that errors have been noted and corrected. The Applicants keep repeating the same mis-information – but that does not make it any truer.

It is expected that the application will go before the Planning Committee on 23rd April. As this date draws closer we will coalesce a group of representatives to attend the meeting and try to lobby to get the application rejected.