How to object to the planning application (July 2021)

  1. Why should I object to this application? A strong response to the council helps to demonstrate the opposition to this planning application and individual letters are a crucial element. Many of us have written to the council previously on this matter but unfortunately these responses will not be considered and we need everyone to write again!
  2. Who can object? Anyone, of any age or address, can write and volume of letters is critical so please encourage your whole household, friends, relatives and neighbours to all write individually.
  3. What should my letter say? An individualised response is very important. We have provided some paragraphs to pick from and put into a letter but please personalise these and ensure your letters differ within your household (identical letters are not likely to count).  Best to pick one or two points and expand on them rather than to include all of them!
    CLICK HERE FOR MORE HELP (word doc): How To Write Your Letter July 2021 We have also produced various letter guides which provide more information on areas which may concern you. Click here to be directed. FOR THOSE DIRECTED BY NOTTINGHAMSHIRE WILDLIFE TRUST PLEASE SEE OUR DETAILED GUIDE ON IMPACTS TO NATURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT BY CLICKING HERE
  4. What must be included? Ensure you state the application reference Barton / Mill Hill Quarry Ref ES/3712 and you must include your full name, address and postcode
  5. What is the deadline? Responses must be received by September 10th 2021

Who do I send my letter to? You can email or send a physical copy through the post or via a parish councillor 

Write to: Nottinghamshire County Council Development Management Team, County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7QP

It is also very helpful to send a copy of your letter to all the councilors on the planning committee if you can:

7. What else can I do? We think it is really important that the personal element of impact comes through in our response. Please do send children’s drawings, photographs or anything else that you think may help. Please email us a copy of these drawings to

A huge thanks to everyone who is able to respond – it really will make a difference to saving this precious landscape!


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