A boost on 4th October

Tune in to ITV local news tonight, 6 to 6.30pm for some coverage from the quarry site.

And some good news too; Rushcliffe BC have written to Notts CC to state their objections to this planning application.

Finally for now, there will be a progress update meeting in the village hall tonight – hopefully with some left over beer from the Beer & Wine Festival last weekend still available (at a discount price!) 8pm onwards.

Update 22nd September 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting in the village hall last night. It was gratifying to see so many people with only short notice given.

Julian gave an excellent presentation of what has happened since the Minerals Plan comments were made, what is happening right now and what the short term aims are.

In brief: The 1000+ comments made to the Local Minerals Plan worked – the Mill Hill / Barton site was removed from the draft plan. Just as Notts CC were ready to submit the draft plan to the government inspectors, the local elections last May returned overall control of the Council back to the Conservative group. One of their first actions was to tear up the mineral plan and ask the Council Officers to re-assess the mineral requirements for the county. In effect, starting again from scratch on the local plan.

In the meantime, before demand has been properly assessed and agreed, The Owners of the land at Mill Hill/Barton, together with the operators and their agents have submitted a planning application for an enlarged quarry operation at the site (which had been rejected from the old mineral plan). As the new quotas should be published soon, this does feel a bit as though the Owners/Operators are trying to side-step the democratic process.

This stand-alone planning application is now open for public comment – note that:

    All comments submitted previously to the Minerals Local Plan have been “thrown away” when the Council tore up the draft plan. Therefore, a new comment must be submitted if you want your views to be taken into account.

Also, the new application has enlarged the proposed quarry site, and it now includes a tract of land that is within the City Council boundary. As predicted a few years ago, any quarry in this location will only be the start of extraction across a much wider area of land. Nip it in the bud!

Now for some resource links from the meeting:

Notts CC planning website page with all the documents relating to the application.

Site location map showing the quarry extents.

the laminated notices produced by Julian & Harriet which are to be put up around the local area. Do please print a copy or two and show them around. Anyone can comment!

Barton Parish Council’s more detailed explanation and points against the quarry to use as ideas to write an objection.

Template letter for Notts County Council in PDF or ODT format

(when we know to whom it should be sent, a City Council letter template will be available too)

It is best if you write your own letter in your own words. If you choose to do this, you must include your name, address & postcode, and include the text “OBJECT to site ES/3712 Proposed sand and gravel quarry – land off Green Street / Barton in Fabis”

However, if you prefer, then do use the template. You must put your full name & address, including postcode onto the template & sign it.

Send your completed letter to the address on the template, or email to Development.management@nottscc.gov.uk, or return to one of the Parish Councillors or a local collection point.

Or, you can comment online here – note that the comments box only allows 2000 characters.

Comments must be with the planning department by 9th October – so don’t delay. Write today!

There will be an update meeting on Wednesday 27th, 8pm, in Barton Village Hall (bar will be open!)

Public Meeting Tonight!

7pm. Thursday 21st September.
Barton Village Hall, NG11 0AA

Come along and hear all about the revised plan for a new sand & gravel quarry between Barton and Clifton alongside the Trent.

Full details of the proposal and plans etc. can be found on Notts CC website here

Some suggestions for comments will be on this website soon. Important points to note are that
1. Any Comments already submitted as part of the Minerals Local Plan do not apply to this planning application. Regrettably, new responses are required. Notts CC received over 1000 responses against the quarry last time around. Please help to get towards that total again.

2. Comments must be made before 9th October.

Open Meeting – 21st September 2017

As you may be aware, a revised planning application has been submitted by London Rock & Greenfield Associates for a Quarry on the land adjacnet to Barton-in-Fabis. This has been pushed forward following the decision by Notts CC to abandon the Minerals Local Plan and start anew.

There will be a Village Open Meeting at 7pm on Thursday 21st September where the Parish Council will present the latest plans and outline the porcess for interested parties to make comments on the proposals. Of course, all are welcome to attend from the surrounding areas (Clifton Grove, Rylands etc.).

This webiste will contain links and resources soon to help with the campaing to prevent the destruction of this unspoilt and historic landscape – check bask after the meeting!

Parish Council Newsletter June 2017

Barton in Fabis Parish council have recently circulated their June newsletter, and have given permission for the following extract to be included on this website, so that the latest updates get to more than the usual circulation around the village.

JUNE 2017
Sand and Gravel – Barton Site
Setback in our fight, but the battle continues

As you may recall, the draft Minerals Local Plan – MLP (which excluded the site at Barton) was due to go to a Public Examination chaired by a government appointed Inspector on June 27th.

Although the recent the County Council elections resulted in no party having overall control, the Conservative group (led by Kay Cutts who represents Shelford – one of the key sites in the MLP) has formed an alliance with the 3 members of the Mansfield Independent Forum to take control of the County Council.

One of her first acts was successfully to force through a proposal to WITHDRAW the current plan at a Full Council on 25th May. Prior to the Council meeting, the Parish Council wrote to all County Councillors objecting to this proposal and pointing out that the absence of a plan would potentially lead to a ‘free for all’ in terms of developers proposing quarry sites. Indeed the Barton letter was a key issue debated in the Council meeting, but unfortunately the numbers were against us. We are sorry to report that our two new County Councillors (Andrew Brown and Reg Adair) not only did not support us and voted to withdraw the plan, but also did not even speak in the debate.

What happens now?

Council officers have been instructed to prepare a new plan based on the latest figures on the demand for sand and gravel. It is true that to say that demand has been lower over recent years and fewer sites may be required. It is certain that there will be political pressure to exclude Shelford and the risk that the Barton site will again be proposed to be included.

The process of developing a new plan will take at least 2 years and the real risk, as the report by officers to the Full Council made clear, is that this:
“could result in planning applications for minerals development being submitted and decided on an ad-hoc / ‘first come first served’ basis, leading to a loss of control by the Minerals planning Authority”.
As you may know, a planning application for the Barton site, outside of the now withdrawn MLP, was lodged at Easter on behalf of Jack Kent and his associates and London Rock. Fortunately, this was not a very professional job and they have been told to take it back to provide more detail on 9 issues such as the impact of the site on air quality.

It is important to note that the County Council is required to maintain 7 years of reserves of sand and gravel and currently has 9.5 years. This should support an argument against new quarries at least for the moment.

We are sorry if this all sounds complicated! The key messages are:

Unfortunately the battle will drag on for longer than we had hoped
We need to be ready to oppose any new proposal for the Barton site

Important Update!

May 2017
So, now that the Conservatives have overall control of NottsCC following the recent local elections, they have torn up the Minerals Plan – just before it was due to go to a Government Inspector for final approval.

The implications of this council decision are wide ranging. The Minerals Plan was not only concerned with Sand & gravel provision, but all mineral extraction in the county – eg Coal, Gypsum, Shale Gas (fracking) – is now completely without guidance or co-ordination.

Barton Parish Council is now very concerned that with no policy in place, the way is open for speculative planning applications for a quarry more-or-less as proposed and rejected from the minerals plan as the 3rd most environmentally damaging proposal that went into the now defunct plan.

It isn’t clear yet what the future process is going to be; probably back to square one for the county, as it has to have a local plan to comply with government requirements.

Watch this space!

Very Urgent and Important News!

Well, after a quiet year as the Nottingham Minerals plan went through various stages of Local Government, a curve ball has been pitched by the Barton Site owners and their partners & representatives.

If you are a Barton resident, you will probably have seen the letter from London Rock which was delivered last week, outlining their plans for the new sand & gravel operation at “Mill Hill Quarry”. If you haven’t seen it, you can download a copy of the covering letter here, and the accompanying plans here. This is in advance of the publication of the final Local Minerals Plan, which is due a public inquiry soon.

It is assumed that London Rock and the Site Owners are either going to challenge Barton’s exclusion from the plan at the Inquiry, and/or submit a separate planning application before the allocations in the Minerals Plan are finally legally adopted.

The new proposal is for a larger land grab than the original Minerals Local Plan suggested – possibly proof already that the origianal site was intended to be a “toe-in-the-door” to a much larger operation in future years?

Barton-in-Fabis Parish Council have written a response Newsletter which has been distributed around the village, if you have not seen it, then it can be downloaded here.

London Rock are holding 2 public consultation exhibitions, the first is on Thursday 16th March at Barton Village Hall, the second is Wednesday 22nd March at Clifton Village Hall. Both venues are scheduled to be open between 3pm and 7.30pm. If you can, please PLEASE get along to one or the other events, as it would be a shame to let the developers think that the huge public opposition to quarrying at Barton that was originally demonstrated may have lessened with the passing of time.

Hope to see you at one of the meetings!

Update December 2015

Notts County Council have announced that their decision will be made at a meeting on 4th January 2016. This meeting has been postponed twice from its original September date.

We would like as many people in the village to attend the meeting at County Hall at 10.30am that day and make our opposition to the destruction of land at Barton clear.

PLEASE, if you can possibly attend, come and support your village.
Transport will be provided leaving from outside the village hall at 10.00am.

There’s still time to send a letter to the Councillors on the committee, some pointers for things you could say are here

Finally, on behalf of the “S.A.V.E” campaign team, I’d like to wish you all a Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Public Meeting 29/7/2015 for all the Latest News

So…. a year has passed. As is often the way with local planning, not much seems to have happened in that time, but plenty has been going on behind the scenes. Suffice it to say that the threat of sand & gravel extraction in Barton-in-Fabis is still a very real one.

There will be an Open Meeting on 29th July 2015, at 7.15pm in Barton Village Hall to update everyone with the current state of affairs, and to outline what the next steps are (and the bar will be open after the meeting too!).

See you there!

A quick update 17th July – And a BBQ!

So that’s it. The consultation is now closed for new submissions. Do please keep checking if your response has been processed by the council – there are 2 separate pages on the Notts County Council website where responses are being published. See Here and Here (presumably there are 2 different pages “for our convenience”!) At the time of me writing this, there are just short of 300 responses showing – so knowing the size of the pile of papers that went to them last week, they still have a huge backlog to get through!

At the meeting last night, Julian explained his understanding of what happens next….. It is expected that the council officers will finalise the plan, having taken the objections into account, and put it before the Environment & Sustainability Committee on October 9th (this is possibly subject to change) leading to an examination in public maybe around May 2015 before formal adoption. At the moment there isn’t much that anyone can do except wait. The Parish Council have taken some ideas for investigation over the next few weeks – I’ll post any news here.

Finally for today – there will be a meeting next Wednesday (23rd July) at 7.30pm in Barton Village Hall to give everyone an update.
To say “Thank You” for all the help and support, the Parish Council are going to lay on a free BBQ (first come, first serve – when it’s gone, it’s gone). The bar will be open as usual on a Wednesday.

See you then!

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