Consultation Period Ends Tomorrow

Well, that’s more or less the end of the consultation period! Any last minute responses will have to hand delivered in the morning – Bill is planning a final trip to gather up any last minute forms and get them to NCC tomorrow. If you have written a form and not posted it yet , please drop it in to any of the Parish Councillors in Barton, Gotham Spar Shop or the Barton Green newsagent (just near the Crusader Pub).

Just a couple of media links too – these are a bit last minute, but given the requirements of copy deadlines and so on, and the short notice given by NCC, it is great that so much interest across all the media has been generated – thanks to the publications for their time and interest.

The July Notts In Focus has run the story on it’s front page – see HERE

The Clifton Local News has also put the story on page 2, read it HERE

Thanks to everyone who came to the upbeat final “SAVE” meeting last night in the village hall, what has been achieved in just 8 short weeks is truly staggering. If you were not able to get to the village hall last night, but have been involved in anyway, know that there was much applauding for everyone’s individual and collective efforts.

We understand that the Council have a backlog of approximately 300 responses to process – and there were around 460 new ones collated at the meeting. The Council team are going to be busy for a while!

If you responded then on behalf of Barton Parish Council and the SAVE committee,
——– T H A N K Y O U ———

Last few days…

Just a reminder – the consultation responses have to be with Notts County Council this week!

The Parish Council has been sent some clarification by NCC about how they acknowledge the responses they receive. If you use NCC’s on-line website form, you should get a more-or-less immediate confirmation that your response has been accepted. If you email or post a response, then NCC say that they will send acknowledgements once they have manually processed your comments form – they have to copy the comments into their database first.  This is a simple copy and paste for email but manual typing for postal responses, so it does take some time (and I think they might have a bit of a backlog at the moment….)

Clearly, it is important that you make sure you get an official acknowledgement from the Country Council within a week or two after the end of consultation (11th July). If you do not receive this then please contact Stephen Osbourne James on 01159772109. You are strongly advised to keep a copy of your response as evidence – at least until you have been acknowledged! You can check the Barton responses HERE to see if your response has been processed yet.

I have also been sent a link to a YouTube video – a heartfelt plea against the quarry from an independent film-maker (known as Stiggy220 on YouTube) – you can see a copy HERE or all of Stiggy220’s films On YouTube (external site – enter at your own risk!)

The campaign has also had coverage in “The Beestonian” – thanks are due to Tamar for coming over and writing the detailed and in-depth story to alert “The Other Side of the Trent”!

Finally for today’s post: if you have sent a response in – THANK YOU for your time and effort!  IF you haven’t: don’t delay, do it today!

An Update – 27th June

Thanks to eveyone who took the time to come to the update meeting on Wednesday night, and also for  going on the walk with Bill on Thursday Evening.  Special thanks to  Councilor Roger Steel (Clifton North Ward – Nottingham City Council) and Jane Hunt (Conservative Party Parliamentary Candidate for the South Nottingham Constituency) for their time to get over to Barton to see the scale of the proposal first hand.


Lauren thinks that Diane has shrunk during the walk!

Please do fill in a response form if you haven’t done one yet, and get it in to the council in the next few days.  If you prefer to save a stamp, you can drop the completed forms in to any of the Barton Parish Councilors (Bill Harrison, Julian Coles, Allan Kerr, Sue Davies or Lynda Dransfield), or there are drop-off points in the Gotham Spar Shop and Barton Green Corner Shop.



2 Weeks Left…

Just a quick reminder that any response forms need to be with the council by 11th July i.e. if you are going to post a form, there are now just 2 weeks left to make your opinions about the quarry proposal known and sent off!

If you are unsure of the extent of the land affected by the proposal and want to see the area for yourself, Bill is going to lead another walk along the footpaths of the site on Thursday 26th June at 7pm – meet at the phonebox in Barton (near the crossroads).

Template response forms and guidance notes are at the bottom of this page for you to print off and post or fill in and send electronically.

If you send your response form in by email, the Parish Council ask you to please also send copies of your response to the Councillors on the Environment and Sustainability Committee (see list below). It would also be good to email the leader at Rushcliffe (Neil Clarke) requesting his support and copying your response to him.

Click here to start a new email with all the Environment & Sustainability committee email addresses already as CC (assuming your computer is set-up to be able to do this – if not, then I suggest a copy and paste rather than manually typing them out!)

BBC and NottsTV coverage 18th June

What a super day for the campaign on 18th June!

Roy again was a most lucid and convincing voice against the madness of the quarry proposal, and thanks to all those who turned up to walk with Bill and wear the T-shirts for both the BBC crew and the NottsTV team – some eye-catching telly was made, and your Webmaster has already had comment from some people who saw the coverage who hadn’t previously heard about the proposal.  All the footage from the BBC East Midlands Today programmes at 6.30pm and 10.30pm are now on the site, you can see the Evening Bulletin here (45MB)  and the Late-Night “abridged” version here (20MB).  The Package that Notts TV put together is here (12MB).  (all files in MP4 format, as per BBC iPlayer)

TV coverage wasn’t the only good news, though.  A boost to the S.A.V.E campaign arrived with the postman – A letter from Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke MP outlining his opposition to the quarry proposal, which you can see here (PDF, 300kB)

Keep going!  Get Those Response Forms in!  July 11th is approaching quickly – after that date, it is too late to let the council know what you think – no matter if they thell the TV crews that “We are still a long way from digging here”; in 3 weeks’ time it will be over to the planners, councillors & lawyers to make their decision behind closed doors!


TV coverage today

BBC East Midlands Today featured the Barton Quarry Proposal as the lead item on the lunchtime news bulletin. I managed to grab most of the piece off air, but the interview was cut short for some reason by my freeview box. When the programme is available on iPlayer, I’ll see if I can get the missing bit tacked onto the end (Roy went on to talk about the flood plain’s natural role helping to protect Nottingham)
Watch it now –
Clip HERE (MP4 video, 11MB, 3 minutes)
Or HERE (FLV video format, 11MB)

Update: the lunchtime bulletin didn’t make it to iPlayer – the excellent package put together by Quentin Rayner was repeated in the Late-Night bulletin, which you can see here (20MB)

More BBC coverage and a Guided Walk

The anti-quarry campaign group held a meeting on Wednesday Evening in Barton Village Hall, thanks to all those who attended, especially those people who travelled in from the other affected areas around the site like Clifton Village, Clifton Grove, Beeston and Thrumpton.

Progress reports all indicate that the campaign is getting a head of steam up, and lots of leaflets are ready to be distributed around the affected areas.

One of the land owners’ representatives, Jack Kent, has also put his side of the story on BBC Radio Nottingham in reply to Roy’s piece on monday – hear his phone interview here.

Bill will be leading a guided walking tour around the area on Sunday 15th June – Meet at the village phone box near the crossroads  at 2pm.  Bring cameras and stout walking shoes!

On The BBC

Roy Haines-Young was interviewed on BBC Radio Nottingham on the morning of June 9th – you can download the clips to listen to him, and also a response by Sally Gill, the Notts CC group manager for planning:
8am News Bulletin (55 seconds, 440kB, mp3)
Main Interview (9 minutes, 4.3MB, mp3)
BBC Facebook story/comments page
(Thanks to the BBC for their permission to make these clips available – and thanks to Roy for his sterling work!)

Site Update 9th June:

I’ve now added the Parish Council’s main objections to the proposal, and added a response form with just the Policy Numbers added for download – these will make it easier to put objections into your own words, whilst helping to ensure that the more “technical” bits are correct! (You know how finicky Councils can be…)

Clearly it is preferable that the council are sent slightly different responses if at all possible, rather than a whole stack of identical copies.

Having said that, though, it is even more important that you send a response to Notts County Council, so if you agree with the wording of the template – do please use it.

Remember, anyone can respond, that includes everyone in your home, and relatives, friends and colleagues no matter where they live – the consultation isn’t restricted to just people living or working in Notts!

Online Poll added

Following the meeting last night in Barton Village Hall, where the Parish Council disseminated whatever information they have about the quarry proposal, I’ve put the sample response form that Julian prepared on this site. It is in two formats – PDF and DOC (for word). Click the “Guideline form” to the left (above the “No Quarry” sign) to download to your computer.

I have also created an online poll so that your views can be collated and sent to the powers that be – see below!

Happy Voting!

Anti-Quarry Campaign Site